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Brand: Various Model: JTSTSP005
Similar to the Master Lock version but priced more affordably. All locks are keyed alike so no more fumbling for the right set of keys. This is a 1/4 inch lock and fits all our locking restraints...
Ex Tax:$4.95
Brand: Xr Brands Model: JTSTVF890
Add some style to all your bondage gear with this stylish Chrome Lock. This will add a sleek look to any accessory from collars and cuffs to chastity devices! Each lock comes with 2 keys, making you the only one holding the way out. These locks are keyed alike. Measurements: 0.81 inches tall, 0.81 i..
Ex Tax:$4.95
Brand: Xr Brands Model: JTSTKV145
Great to use with bondage equipment, this snap will allow you to connect any two items, given they both have a secure connection point, to each other. Now you can take your bondage play to the next level and add other objects and or equipment to your bondage sessions. Measurements: 3.5 inches in len..
Ex Tax:$3.95
Brand: Xr Brands Model: JTSTAD877
These single use, numbered plastic chastity locks are ideal for keeping tabs on a naughty plaything. Each lock is designed to be tamper evident. Any attempt to remove the lock will destroy it beyond repair. Just insert the end of the lock into the slot. It works like a zip tie, resisting any attempt..
Ex Tax:$8.95
Brand: Xr Brands Model: JTSTAD457
Add some tension to your play session with Linkage, a devious 12 inch chain that can be used for a multitude of exciting scenarios. This piece can be used to add weight or lengthen existing tools of pleasure from the Master Series, such as nipple gear, CBT items, and to connect restraints with the u..
Ex Tax:$6.95
Brand: Xr Brands Model: JTSTSP025
These heavy duty snap clips are an excellent bondage accessory. The snap clip can be used more quickly that other hardware devices. Used to attach 2 cuffs together, secure restraints to a fixed object and much more. Measurements: 2.25 inches in length, 1.25 in width Material: Metal Color: Grey..
Ex Tax:$3.95
Brand: Xr Brands Model: JTSTAG421
This transparent case puts your power dynamic on display! Created for those who dabble in extended BDSM scenes involving chastity and key holding – the see through design and countdown timer lock sets the stage for a long-term exchange in power and trust for kinky couples and BDSM enthusiasts. Lock ..
Ex Tax:$63.95
Brand: Xr Brands Model: JTSTTF2809
This solid body padlock is a blend of lightweight materials and sturdy metal, with a Tom of Finland logo printed on the outside for style. Versatile and couples well with most bondage accessories. Includes 3 keys. Measurements: 1.75 inches in length, 1.25 inches in width Material: Brass, plastic Col..
Ex Tax:$12.99
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