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Acupoint 10 Function Travel Massager Acupoint 10 Function Travel Massager
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Brand: Xr Brands Model: JTSTAE185
With its discreet size, cord-free body, and soft angled head, this power-packed wand is ideal for on-the-go massage! The soft head is supported by a flexible neck, for targeted pinpoint vibration. The integrated control panel lets you choose your favorite setting from 10 rhythmic pulse patterns. The..
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Brand: Xr Brands Model: JTSTAD467-Double
The dObla is a compact finger massager that fits right over your hand and produces variable levels of soothing vibration. It adds pinpoint stimulation to your fingertips via powerful vibrations. Simply attach the base control around your wrist, and the dual finger vibes to the tips of each finger wi..
Ex Tax:$36.95
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