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Anal Beads

Brand: Xr Brands Model: JTSTAD837
Made of premium silicone, this 7 mode, ergonomically contoured anal plug features multiple modes of vibration and rhythmic pulsation. Choose your perfect speed using the wireless remote, up to 20 feet away. Simply insert the plug and select your desired vibration level, and enjoy thrilling hands-fre..
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Tom Of Finland Silicone Cock Ring With 3 Weighted Balls Tom Of Finland Silicone Cock Ring With 3 Weighted Balls
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Brand: Xr Brands Model: JTSTTF1932
This set of silicone-coated heavy weighted balls are attached to a firm cock ring, for anal stimulation coupled with erection enhancement. Each weighty ball is smooth and seamless, tethered by a strong silicone cord. Non-porous and body-safe, the silicone material cleans easily and is ideal for long..
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Brand: Xr Brands Model: JTSTTF1864
These huge anal balls are internally weighted, with a silicone skin and convenient retrieval cord. The steel balls inside provide weight and resistance, while the silicone provides a smooth feel and easily sterilized exterior. The easy retrieval cord has a finger loop, also made of premium silicone...
Ex Tax:$52.95
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